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Daley Plumbing - Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Today, with our limited water resources here in Southern California, water conservation is a top priority. In addition to conserving this essential natural resource, saving money on your water bill is always a nice bonus.

Daley Plumbing is committed to being environmentally friendly and helping you with your water conservation. We have a number of ways that we can save you  money on your water bill and use less water while retaining the same comfort and convenience that you have today.

Daley Plumbing knows that everyone has different water needs and that your plumbing situation is unique. We offer custom solutions for conserving water both through the use of more efficient fixtures and through capturing and recycling water at your home.

Call us today at 949-355-5640 and we will come out to your home for free to evaluate your needs and give you a free plan and estimate for installing plumbing in your home that helps with water conservation and save you money. 


Here are the top 8 water conservation tips for your home

1 – Bathtub Diverter Valve

  • The bathtub diverter valve routes water from the bathtub spigot to the shower head. Replacing this tub diverter valve if it leaks will eliminate wasting water. Daley Plumbing can fix or replace your diverter valve and eliminate the leak.

2 – Fix Leaks 

  • Leaks account for approximately 5% of the water usage in an average home. We can track dow the source of your leaks and save you money.

3 – Replace Toilet

  • Installing a new high efficiency toilet that only uses 1.28 gallons per flush can reduce your water consumption significantly. Daley Plumbing can replace your old toilet with a new high efficiency model.

4 – Faucet Aerator

  • Replacing your bathroom and kitchen faucet aerator with a more efficient one reduces your water usage. We can replace all of your faucet aerators and help you save money.

5 – Replace Sprinklers

  • Replacing your fan-spray sprinkler nozzles with more efficient rotator stream nozzles will greatly reduce your water consumption and your water bill.

6 – Install Drought Tolerant Landscaping

  • Replacing grass using sprinkler irrigation with drought tolerant plants and shrubs using drip irrigation can save significant amounts of water.

7 – Install Pool Cover

  • Installing a pool cover will reduce the amount of water that is lost through evaporation and will help keep the pool warm in the winter saving you money on your gas bill.

8 – Replace Clothes Washer and Dishwasher

  • Install a new high efficiency clothes washer that uses as much as 50% less water than older models
  • Buying a new water efficient dishwasher will save you money with reduced water and gas consumption over older units.