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The employees of Daley Plumbing always have a great time when we are in San Dimas. Since the days when the railroad brought an influx of prosperity to San Dimas this tightly woven community has been a gem in the San Gabriel valley. Historically known as a powerhouse of the citrus industry, where the Sunkist name originated, San Dimas continues to be known for its small town qualities.
We are never at a loss for what to do when we are in San Dimas. Attending the annual rodeo is always a fun time. In the Summer time there isn’t a better way to stay cool and enjoy some laughs than going to Raging Waters. After a fun day in San Dimas we enjoy having a number of great eateries to choose from and we always have a wonderful evening on the town.
Daley Plumbing is trained to deal with the plumbing issues that occur in San Dimas. We are experienced in handling the problems that arise in older homes in the area and we can make any repairs that are necessary in new homes as well. Call us today at 800.986.0674 and we’ll arrive proptly to give you a FREE estimate and repair your plumbing.

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