Types of Toilet Flush Systems and Their Uses

We all know that our toilet flushed, but not many of us know which system it uses. Many homeowners don’t give this question much thought but there are actually several types.

Toilets are an essential fixture in any home, and they’re often neglected until something goes wrong. Before 1994, toilets used about 3.5 gallons of water per flush. Now, the Environmental Protection Act states that no new toilets can use more than 1.6 gallons. Due to toilet manufacturers having to design their products to flush down waste with less water, new flush systems were born. Read on to learn more information on the different types of toilet flush systems.

The 4 Types of Flush Systems

Dual Flush System

Gravity flush toilet system

The dual flush toilet is the most modern flushing system available. The difference in this toilet is you have the option to choose if you want a partial flush or a full flush. This can help save on water by allowing the option to conserve water when able. This toilet is priced higher than its counterparts but provides valuable water savings.

Gravity Flush

Gravity flush toilets work by offering a powerful flush with less water. This flush system has been used for over a century and is known as one of the most commonly used flush systems. In this flush, the flush valve (or flapper) is opened and water is rushed down through the bowl. Gravity flush systems are easy to maintain and are inexpensive, though they may underperform on effectiveness.

Pressure Assist

These toilets have a pressure tank that fills with water and maintains a constant pressure. When the toilet is flushed, the combination of gravity and pressure makes a powerful and efficient flush. The power from the pressure-assist flush outperforms many of it’s counterparts, however they can be noisy, difficult to repair, and come at a higher starting price.

Vacuum Assist

Vacuum assist flush system toilets have a vacuum tank to the supply tube that carries water from the bowl (or trap-way). This is one of the newest flush methods and it works via the suction from the vacuum tank helping the waste out of the bowl. These toilets are easy to repair, and provide a strong flush. Vacuum assist toilets are slightly more costly than the gravity flush toilets.


If you’re in the market for a new toilet installation you’re going to want the right flush system. Contact us at Daley Plumbing and let us help you find the one that works for you!