Five Easy ways to conserve water in Southern California

In southern California, saving water is more important than ever. California is no stranger to droughts, having just ended it’s long 5 year drought in 2016. The effects of which are still impacting the state today. As of January 2021, over 40% of the state is still categorized as being in extreme drought, and 75% are in severe drought.

Since each of us depends on water for life, it is our responsibility to learn more about water conservation. Everyone can play a part in helping to conserve water and lessening the effects of the drought. Read on below for some easy tips to help!

1) Fix leaks
Does your faucet drip overnight? Could your water pipes be leaking but you’re not sure? Leaks can use about 20 gallons of water a day, according to the LA Department of Water and Power. It’s time for a maintenance call to make sure you’re conserving water and saving money.

2) Install high-efficiency toilets
Your toilet contributes to 27% of the water used in the bathroom. Installing high-efficiency toilets can save 19 gallons of water per person per day.

3) Take 5-minute showers
Keeping your shower under 5 minutes can save 12.5 gallons every shower when using a water-efficient showerhead.

4) Wash full loads of dishes and clothes
Washers can save 15-45 gallons per load, and a high-efficiency washer can save over 10,000 gallons every year. Dishwashers can save 5-15 gallons by washing a full load.

5) Turn off the water when brushing your teeth or shaving
This can save 10 gallons per person per day.